From the Desk of the Manager:
Respected Veiwer's
Swarn Prabha College is not only the name of a college, but it is a sentiment. Since 1998 yet now I have given my prime time to the college; There were no collected means to errect it, only ambition and blessing of Maa Sri. VINDHY-VASINEE was with me. I started it on 25th March 1999 on the eve of Chaitra Sri Ram Navami, and got it ready for the session 1999-2000; I got inspired from the poem
"I have seen many flowers come in stoney places
Gold Cup own by the worst horses at the races
Kindness done by men with ugly faces
So I, Trust Too..
in my life. The main object of the college is to provide good education on low cost to women, especially those who comes from the remote corner of the village. We can provide a healthy society to nation by educating women. Education is the root of development of the society. An educated society is the sign of a strong nation and if nation is strong, then every one can live his/her happy life. I am grateful to my teaching and non teaching staff for their best co-operation.

In the end I would like to say that hard work and strong ambition are the two faces of Goal.

Pt. Bhupendra Nath Mishra
Swarna Prabha Mahila Mahavidyalya

Welcome to Swarn Prabha Public Welfare Society, the institution running under this society: Swarna Prabha Mahila Mahavidyalya, Maharajganj, and a newely opened college, Yaduvansh Prasad Mishra Prakshishan Mahavidyalya, Ranipur, Maharajganj.....